We want you to have a creative film of your wedding that you will always love – one that not only preserves your memories, but will also move everyone who experiences it.

With us, getting to that kind of video doesn’t mean having a camera in your face on your wedding day. In fact, with our relaxed approach we fit in like a friend. From getting to know you over a beer, to trading stories about dogs, to the moment you get your final film – we’re all about delivering the best product while having fun along the way.

We produce heart-forward wedding films that capture the full story of your day.

Creative Storytelling

The thing is, wedding films will go on to tell stories long after your wedding day itself. One day, you’ll watch your wedding film with your kids. Someday, they’ll watch it with theirs. Year after year, each time it’s viewed, it will go on to create so many more memories and connections far beyond that first time you watch it.

There’s a lot to invest in when you’re planning a wedding — and you’re already thinking of the after — how will you look back? Would video make a difference?

Why Wedding Films


I am OBSESSED with our wedding highlight video! It's so well done -- and they were a pleasure to work with. They got great footage (including gorgeous drone footage!) and we had so much fun working with them on the day.

"We are SO happy we chose Big Dog Little Bed Productions for our wedding!"

- Jenna

It all starts with a beer and a conversation (pups invited), so hit us up and let's get started!

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